Please note - Ndiyo has now officially closed its doors, at least as a legal entity - but we've kept the site alive in case any of the information is useful to others.

Our thanks to all those who helped out and were involved in so many different ways! The Ndiyo legacy lives on in the ultra-thin-client work at its spin-off DisplayLink, at Plugable, at NoPC and elsewhere...


What motivates us?

  • Our belief that conventional PC-based networking architecture is so intrinsically wasteful and expensive that it excludes billions of people from access to the benefits of ICT
  • A determination to ensure that the world's IT infrastructure remains open and is not captured by proprietary software and hardware
  • The fact that current computing technology is environmentally damaging and probably unsustainable
  • A desire to ensure that the developing world does not become dependent for ICT on a small number of Western companies
  • A desire to make networked computing easier to manage and support, especially for small organisations and schools

We're also driven by...

  • Curiosity
  • Technical challenges
  • A passion for social justice
  • The desire to harness the ambient IQ of a great university city for the benefit of humanity
  • A commitment to using Open Source software, open protocols and open formats wherever feasible